Top 5 Mistakes For Newbie Solar Panel Cleaners

Don’t Make These Mistakes

  1. Using a squeegee
  2. Cleaning with a cleaning agent
  3. using water that is regular a high TDS content
  4. Improper Ladder Utilize
  5. Thinking that rain cleans solar power panels

Time for people to talk about the most notable 5 Mistakes For Newbie Solar Panel Cleaners. In the past or another you might  have even been guilty of 1 or two of those on  this list, but worry that is don’t. We are going to talk about it at this time, and discuss precisely why it really isn’t wrong, but doing any one of these just hurt you being a expert solar panel cleaner. PowerUP!

  1. Cleaning Solar Panels Having a Squeegee

Just what does one use  to clean photovoltaic modules, aka solar panels? Great concern, and I’ll bet that is  the very first concern you’re thinking about when  you decided which you wished  to start  a solar panel business that is cleaning. Being imaginative is, as i love to say, “crazy awesome”, but truthfully, it is not at all times that, “crazy awesome”. Away from all the equipment and tools I have observed used to wash solar power panels, cleaning by having a window cleaners squeegee, I think, the absolute most ridiculous solar panel cleansing method.


How come this cleansing method so absurd if you ask me, the Solar Panel Cleaning Expert? Effortless question for me to answer. Cleaning pv modules with squeegees isn’t a practical or feasible cleaning technique for solar panels. It generally does not benefit residential cleansing and certainly not for commercial cleaning. When down within  the industry it is impossible possible that you’re going to  be up and close by having  a solar panel to manage  to clean like this. Lastly, bro… that could take forever to wash. Better tools that are cleaning one  to clean faster, clean more panels, plus  in the end make more money.


  1. Cleaning Solar Panels With Cleaning Agents

The one individuals  who appear  to genuinely believe that they need some kind  of cleaning agent to completely clean solar panels are those which can be DIY panels cleaners that are solar. Which, we highly advise against anybody unsafely getting up on no experience to their roof and wanting  to keep up with  the pv modules installed on the roof. Exactly What insects me is  that you can find videos online instructing homeowners to utilize agents that are cleaning were not created or tested to use on solar panel systems. These  are great methods for the panel that is solar to void their warranty. In addition to  the risk of voiding a guarantee, you really don’t know  how that solar panel is likely  to react times or days after your cleaning. Just How enjoyable would it not be to acquire  a call from your customers installer a  week later letting you know you have actually destroyed the Anti-Reflective Coating in your customers solar power panels since you utilized a cleaner your bought from your regional hardware store, and today you are responsible for all damages to all 24 rooftop installed solar panels. Does that appear to be fun for your requirements?


  1. Using Regular Water To Clean Solar Panels

Not too long ago, I had a ground mount cleansing me out that I needed help with to complete and had asked a friend to help. Throughout  the work, for  a really mid July summer time in north park, California, we view my good  friend walked over  to the water spigot, unscrewed the hose, leaned down, after which he took the biggest gulp of water, ever, from the dirt covered water spigot. Too me that has been gross. Hard water dries skin, causes scaling, fades clothes, etc., and I couldn’t realize  why he would drink that nasty water when  we had  a cooler within  the truck full of ice cold clean water.


Anyways, the overriding point  is, difficult water is crazy nasty and not beneficial to solar power panels. Why is this? Difficult water can accumulate on solar panel systems and cause what is called, “scaling”. The accumulation of the scaling causes a reduction  in electric output in your visitors panels that are solar. This reverse polarity or “hot spotting” can kill a panel that is solar.


  1. Improper Ladder Techniques

In the event that you anticipate starting a solar panel cleaning business and plan of cleaning residential solar power panels, well there is no way around it. You will be ladders that are using you will be on rooftops. There are  a plethora of videos on YouTube showing individuals causing severe damage or problems for  themselves due to improper ladder usage. Going up and down ladders may be dangerous. It only takes an extra for a ladder to slide out of you as a result of bad angle, and then become dropping to the cutting edge a bone or even worse.


The way that is proper use a ladder would be  to set your ladder at a 75 degree angle or  to use  the 1 to 4 rule.Basically, for every four feet of height you need to rise, tranfer the beds base of one’s ladder one base far  from the wall. Here is  the simplest way to stay safe while using the a ladder. To learn more about staying safe while using the a ladder check Panel that is out solar Cleaning movie about locking your ladder in position on the roof fascia. Click here to view movie.


  1. Rain Doesn’t Clean Solar Panel Systems.

First off, there is already a myth that solar  panels are self cleaning and in addition to that rain gets  the power  to completely clean panels that are solar. Solar panels have a top layer of loose dirt, dirt and debris. Underneath that is  a reduced layer of heavier debris and dirt that isn’t so easily eliminated by rainfall or hose water alone. I love to inform my customers that should they were to go out of their automobile sitting in their driveway from half a year, just how would it not look? Could  you be capable of getting for the reason  that vehicle and immediately be able to drive? Are you able  to predict the windshield or will you need to  clean it  first before driving?  What makes you believe solar power panels are any various?


Don’t let yourself any think that due to the fact it rained recently in your area your clients aren’t looking for a cleaning. Continue  to contact your web visitors all year round no matter exactly what season it is. Also when they say no, at least you earn connection with them. If the  time comes for they’ll straight away consider you. Educate your web visitors plus they shall continue  to utilize you to clean their pv modules.,-117.037071,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80d95705718e7063:0xfdd10358b93e9f40!8m2!3d32.7552909!4d-117.0348823?hl=en


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